Amazon is Utilizing Solar Panels Atop Their Buildings

What’s one thing buildings have that they could be better utilizing right now? If you answered their roofs, you are correct. Think about it– countless buildings around the world have roofs that don’t do much except protect what’s underneath them. However, imagine if these roofs were collecting solar energy in order to power the building and property below? It’s not that far-fetched an idea these days.

The famous online company Amazon is realizing what other companies are also realizing: they can save money by putting solar panels atop their buildings. It’s becoming cheaper to install and use solar panels than to pay the local electricity provider.

Amazon is known for e-commerce, whereas millions of people shop on their website for all sorts of items. These items are generally stored in giant fulfillment centers– humongous warehouses full of stuff. Amazon has 15 fulfillment centers that they plan to install solar panels on top of, in order to generate 41 megawatts of power. By the year 2020, they expect to be covering 50 of their sites with solar panels for power.

It’s a win-win situation for Amazon and its customers. In the long-run, Amazon saves money and is able to pass savings on to customers, who are always looking for a good deal. Meanwhile, solar energy is clean as can be– unlike fossil fuels and their dirty smokestacks. Therefore, what Amazon is doing is great for the environment.

Amazon believes in renewable energy, and the power they’ll be generating could power more than 30,000 homes, to give you a clear idea of what’s at stake.

More and more companies, along with residential homes, are installing solar panels to capture the sun and put it to work. Indeed, in the U.S.A. last year almost 36 gigawatts of solar power generation capacity was reached. It’s a number that continues to grow.

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