An ITC Extension Would Stimulate Major Growth in the U.S. Solar Market

If you’ve seen more and more solar panels atop people’s roofs, you’ve noticed that solar power has become trendy. And now the U.S. government is helping the solar energy industry continue to grow having just passed a $1.8 trillion spending bill that includes provisions to extend federal tax credits for both wind and solar power generation. In other words, the government is promoting solar panels to make electricity by making them more affordable to all.

The government is essentially investing in solar power to the tune of $40 billion between 2016 and 2020. Look for residential installations to see a 35% boost during this timeframe, while commercial solar should increase by 51%. Hey, if the government is willing to shoulder some of the cost, why not take advantage of the generous offer and have solar panels installed on your roof?

By extending the federal 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC), the U.S. government is offering quite the incentive for people and businesses to convert to some or all solar energy to power their homes and offices. Solar will be beating new natural gas generation on price, meaning you’ll most likely be seeing even more buildings with solar panels on them in the next couple years.

Having the government invest in the renewable energy business by extending tax credits is crucial to securing financing for big solar installations. Industrial clients are ready to take on new projects now that they know Congress has given them their vote of confidence. Old coal plants are out; new solar parks are in. The United States is becoming a more environmentally-friendly, “green” place to live, work and play as solar energy gets a much needed boost.

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