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Pros and Cons on Residential Solar Panels

Sometimes utility bills are just plain annoying. Money put into the headaches of basic living means it can’t be spent elsewhere. But thankfully due to modern technology, we have an answer: and that answer is installing solar panels for your home. Why Solar Panels Make Sense For Your Residence From a residential perspective, it’s mostly […]

Solar To Take Over US Electricity By 2022

According to Yuri Horwitz, co-founder and CEO of Sol Systems, solar power will be the main form of electricity generation by the time 2022 hits, despite the tariffs imposed by the Trump administration. In a report released on the 15th of February 2018, Horwitz names three reasons for solar power to advance. Public Support Polls […]

Why Solar Panels Help the Environment

Solar panels are all the rage today, primarily because they largely contribute to sustainable living. Moreover, solar panels cost less now than they did years ago. US residents also get credits and incentives for choosing solar panels. Buying them for purposes of aesthetics is one thing; purchasing them to help the environment is another. Be […]

Solar Panels: A Strong Investment Or Waste Of Money?

With the world moving towards more sustainable energy production, it’s not surprising that homeowners are beginning to see the countless benefits of installing solar panels in their homes. In terms of finances, solar panels can actually be the best decision for anyone’s wallet; drastically reducing energy consumption and saving a significant amount on monthly electricity […]

California Set To Require Solar Panels on New Homes

California state board has signed the motion to require solar panels on all new homes. This movement, which will start in the year 2020, will reduce utility expenses although it will shoot up the cost of new constructions. Aside from reducing utility costs, it will lower greenhouse gas emissions which have been the aim of […]

Using Solar For North Africa Off Grid Hatchery

There are only 8 pairs of NADO (North African Desert Ostrich) left in the world at the moment. The attempt made by Wildlife Conservation Network and Sahara Conservation Fund to revamp the NADO has birthed three plans which are: captive breeding, protection and to prevent extinction, the reintroduction of the NADO. This is almost impossible […]

Can We Recycle Solar Panels

If you have ever worked in the solar industry you will know the importance of solar energy to the world at large. Solar energy is inexpensive to maintain, and it aids in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. However, what a lot of experts in the industry have failed to understand is that solar modules […]