The World Is Becoming Increasingly Solar, Which is Good News for All

Solar PowerFor several years now, there’s been a concerted push by individuals, corporations and nations around the world to increase the use of renewable power sources. Wind and geothermal have been popular, but nothing like the adoption rates of solar power. Solar is simple to install and can work in nearly any location that receives sunlight, making it versatile and adaptable in situations at nearly every parallel north and south of the equator.

China has emerged in recent months as a powerhouse in solar energy generation. According to Computer World, in the first half of 2016, the nation has added new solar power generation sources that are capable of creating 20 billion watts, significantly beating industry analysts’ estimates and further securing it’s position as the top solar power generating nation, a title it took from Germany just last year. China’s National Energy Agency is also forecasting growth to continue at record levels, and aims for 150 billion watts of generation capacity by the end of the decade.

This is just one of the latest signs that the solar industry as a whole is moving us into a solar-driven era of renewable power. Domestically, great strides are being made as well. In Nevada, Scientific American reports that the Crescent Dunes concentrated solar facility now uses a new method of melting salt using the sun’s energy during the day to keep electricity-generating turbines running throughout the night, creating the world’s first solar generation plant that can make power 24 hours a day.

Further to the west, California – long known for its green energy efforts – has made new advancements as well. Just last month, California Independent System Operator – a utility in the state – announced that it had broken its single-day generation record. According to Inhabitat, CISO generated a whopping 8,030 megawatts on July 12, besting the previous record by roughly 2,000 megawatts. Most notably, however, are two facts about this high level of generation. First, the power generated is capable of serving 2 million average households – an impressive number. Second, all power generated came from utility-grade sources, and did not include any of the residential or commercial solar panels that dot roofs across the state.

With so much to gain from solar power, it’s easy to see why companies and residences across the nation are continuing to invest in solar panels and other generation options. At Solar Solutions, we’ve helped countless clients with planning, purchasing and installing new solar panels are their homes and businesses. We even offer financing options, and offer free estimates to help you better understand the prospective costs and benefits of adding solar power to your property. To learn more or to get started, call us today at 915-581-0461 or request your quote online now.

Top Reasons to Consider Going Solar

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular with homeowners these days. As the threat of global warming gets more real, many homeowners are making the investment in solar energy systems and reaping the benefits that those systems provide. The reasons for this are quite simple:

Decreased Electric Bills
Solar energy is sustainable and renewable, which is great news considering that you will likely see a huge reduction in your electric bill. Lower electric bills mean more money for your savings account, for your retirement, for a vacation, for your child’s college fund, to repaint your home – whatever you’d like.

Environmentally Responsible
We humans are the stewards of this planet and as such, we are responsible for protecting it. Science has proven that global warming is very real, and more and more people are going “green” to try to help the Earth. It doesn’t hurt to be able to say that you are among those trying to save our planet.

A Good Investment
Adding a solar energy system to your home is wonderful for your home’s equity and resale value. It adds to your investment portfolio as well, which means you are also investing in your future. That just makes good sense.

You Are Among the Energy Independent
By not using oil and gas to power your home, you are helping our government decrease its dependency on foreign oil, and become independent. The more independent we are as a nation, the more money we can invest in ourselves, and taxes will be lower.

Going solar is an investment in your family’s future, as well as in the planet that is our responsibility. It protects ecosystems, which in turn protects our wildlife, and our water supplies. It is the best way to show that you care about what happens here, as well as being very advantageous for your own pocket book. Solar energy systems pay for themselves almost immediately, and add to your home’s equity. Going solar is no longer a fad. It is essential to the health of the Earth.

A Breakthrough in Clean Energy

Solar powered energy is the wave of the future, thanks in large part because it is healthy for the environment. Recently, there has been a breakthrough regarding solar energy in Switzerland.

On Wednesday, Swiss scientists announced a new clean energy breakthrough. They developed a cheaper solar technology that can split water molecules to create a clean burning hydrogen fuel.

The design of this solar panel will be a cheaper way to produce hydrogen. However, a simple version of this will not be available to the general public for another ten years.

However this type of energy would mean that cars would have clean power. The suns energy would be easily stored from the hydrogen that is produced. Once this became available, it would be much better for the environment.

Previously one of the biggest issues that solar hydrogen technologies was that they were too expensive to commercialize and make available to everyone. By using technologies that are less expensive to produce, more people will be able to access them and reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

This model would look like the previous solar panels mounted on rooftops. The main difference would be that there would be a thin layer on the outside with water inside. Tungsten diselenide, also inside the device, acts as a photo-catalyst and utilizes the suns energy in order to split water into oxygen and hydrogen.

Interesting stuff.

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Why You Should Heat Your Pool With Solar Power

The arrival of spring marks the start to the warmer months, and many people are just starting to get their pools ready for the coming hot weather. Though it may be a bit cool to take a dip for now, adding a solar-powered heating system can not only add weeks of enjoyment to your swimming season, but also save you dollars.

Solar powered pool heating systems have been around for many years now, and have grown in popularity in recent years as an efficient and self-sustaining method for keeping pools from being too cool. These systems draw pool water in via the pump already used in the pool and force it through valves into the bottom of a closed system that is exposed to solar collectors. As the water heats from absorbing the radiant energy of sunlight, it rises to the top where it is returned to the pool in a continual process until the pool reaches the desired temperature.

Conventional systems, by contrast, heat water using a separate heating tank, similar to the water heater in your home. Just like that system, conventional pool heaters require an energy source, such as natural gas or electricity, and can quickly become an expensive endeavor. In areas like ours, with abundant sunlight, a solar system can provide the same heating capability using no energy at all, efficiently and greenly raising your water temperature without boiling over into your energy bills.

The U.S. Department of Energy notes that solar water heaters are the most cost-effective use of solar energy for most climates, and besides being cost competitive with conventional systems, can effectively pay for themselves in fuel savings in as little as a year and a half. Solar pool heating systems are generally very low maintenance as well, and, according to the Florida Solar Energy Center, can easily last for 10 to 15 years with regular care, providing many extra months of comfortable water for extra time in your pool.

Solar heating systems are generally noninvasive installations, and can be installed as a rooftop or freestanding unit. With so many advantages, from energy savings to extending your swimming season, there’s no better way to get the most out of your pool than adding a solar pool heating system.