Solene has been providing solar products for over 40 years.Solene cost-effective products are RCC OG-100 and OG-300 certified,making them some of the highest performing products on the market!


How It Works?

Las Cruces NM Domestic Solar Heating

Solene Chromagen Panels

Chromagen panels are the most efficient, durable, and versatile. These copper panels provide consistent results, regardless of the weather and they are suitable for many different kinds of systems.


Direct/Open Systems

An open system has collectors on the roof and a storage tank somewhere else, usually a garage or basement. A pump moves the water from the tank to the collector where it is heated by the sun and then returned to the collector. The pump can be operated by electricity or photovoltaic power.

Indirect/Closed Systems

A closed system heats the water while in the tank. A heat exchange solution is pumped through the collector and into the tank, where it heats the water.


A drainkback system also utilizes a heat exchanger. This system is designed to prevent freezing by draining all of the water into an insulated reservoir tank. These systems circulate solution through the collectors and a heat exchanger where the heat is then transferred to the water in the tank.



Solene collectors are sleek and attractive and work on any type of roofing material. Solene also uses insulated piping and extra-thick foam insulation around storage tanks to maximize your heater’s efficiency.

Most Efficient

Solene offers the highest rated collectors in the industry! We invite you to compare BTU ratings of Solene to others as published by the industry’s certification specialists.

Best Warrenty

Most collectors are warranted for ten years – but only Solene offers an additional limited lifetime warranty. No other manufacturer offers a bonus warranty for a lifetime!

30+ Years Experience

Solene is produced by one of the world’s largest solar manufacturers, with more than 30 years of continuing technological & warranty excellence.


Solar power produces no carbon emissions and less greenhouse gas emissions. Financial: Solar powered hot water heaters pay for themselves in as little as 5 years. After the initial investment you spend $0 on heating hot water. Additionally, state and federal tax credits are available when you install a solar powered hot water system in your home.

All Solene products are certified by the following institutions:

leaf FSEC
leaf SRCC
leaf ISO 9001:2000
leaf OG-100 Collector
leaf OG-300 System