Emergency Generators by Generac– The most reliable emergency backup power supply

GR Solar Solutions has partnered with GENERAC© and is now offering their customers backup power supplies through natural gas and propane generators.  For over 58 years GENERAC© has been the lead manufacturer in standby generators and have since added portable generators to their list of emergency power supplies. GR Solar Solutions is thrilled to become an authorized dealer of the GENERAC© brand.

Don’t Let A Power Outage Add To Your Concerns!

A generator is the most reliable and affordable energy supply in the event of a power outage.  Feel confident knowing that you have a generator to power your home or business in the case of an emergency. Contact GR Solar Solutions for more information!

What is the Difference Between a Generator and a Battery?

  • A battery is meant to store a limited amount of power, while a generator creates continuous powerEmergency Backup Generators from Generac
  • In a power outage, a generator will continuously produce power, but a battery can
    only distribute what has been stored.
  • Heating and air conditioning are top concerns when it comes to a backup generator or battery. A battery, unlike a generator, will quickly drain.
  • Power supplied by a generator is much less expensive over the life of the product, making it a great return on your investment. Of course, this is dependent upon how much output your generator provides.

Please call 915-581-0461 or send an email to info@solarsolutions-texas.com and schedule a visit to your home or business to obtain more information on installing a Generac generator.Generac Generators