How is solar power used to heat my pool? – The water in your pool is circulated pumped into a solar panel. The energy from the sun heats the water as it passes through the panel. The water is continuously pumped through until all of the water in the pool is the desired temperature.

What are the maintenance requirements on a solar pool heating system? – Little or no maintenance is required on a solar power pool heating system. At the beginning of each swim season, you should check your system to make sure that it is operating properly, but there should be no other maintenance required.

Will my solar pool heater work when it is cloudy? – The solar panels are designed to pick up the energy from the sun, which is present even when it is cloudy. We recommend installing a large number of panels to help increase the amount of energy that your system collects.

Will having a solar heated pool save me money? – Yes! Because the energy is free, there are no operating costs to owning a solar system. Additionally, there is little to no maintenance required and all of the Heliocol products come with comprehensive warranties that will ensure the condition of your system.

Where should I install my system? – The solar collectors should be mounted on your roof or other area that has the proper exposure to the sun. The collector should face south if at all possible. If it is not possible to install a collector on your roof, the system can also be installed on the ground or on raised racks.

Solar Domestic Hot Water Heaters

How does a solar domestic hot water heater work? – There are two different kinds of hot water heaters. The first is a direct circulation system. That works by circulating all of the household water through a collector, which collects energy from the sun. This keeps warm water constantly moving through the system. An indirect circulation system uses a heat exchanger fluid which heats the water that goes into the home.

Which system should I get? – The direct circulation system is great for those homes in warmer areas. If your home is in an area that is prone to freezing temperatures, then you will need an indirect circulation system to keep your collector and pipes from freezing over.

Will having a solar hot water system save money? – Yes! After the initial installation, solar hot water systems require little to no maintenance. Also, because it utilizes free energy from the sun, there is no monthly cost to owning a solar system.

Photovoltaic Solar Systems

Can I use all of my appliances with a solar system? – Depends. Any of your appliances that operate on a 240 VAC (electric hot water heaters, stoves, and HVAC units) will not be efficient on a solar power system. We recommend using alternatives such as natural gas or traditional electric power to run those systems.

Where should I mount my solar modules? – You modules should be mounted anywhere that they will receive direct sunlight, such as a roof or the ground. They should be mounted facing south and should tilt up, so that they receive the maximum amount of energy possible.

Can I use photovoltaic power to heat my hot water? – No. Photovoltaic power converts the sun’s energy at a low efficiency level, which is not suitable for a hot water heater. However, we have domestic hot water heaters available. Please see our Domestic Hot Water page for more information.