Reasons to Switch Your Home to Solar Energy

If you’re like most people, you’ve noticed more and more homes have solar panels on their roofs. It seems to be a trendy thing to do, especially in places where it’s sunny much of the year. After all, solar panels have the ability to collect the sun’s rays and turn them into energy, so why not utilize this resource?

Have you been thinking of switching your home to solar energy? What’s holding you back? There are several reasons to make the switch. For instance, did you know there’s a huge tax credit when you do? The government wants more people to utilize solar power, so they’re willing to give you a tax credit up to 30%.

Next, consider solar a long-term investment. It eventually pays for itself and then you’re done with payments, so you’re getting “free” energy. In fact, many people end up selling their excess power to the local utility company. Indeed, solar panels on your roof make sense if you’re the type of person who wants to guard against rising electricity rates.

Does the idea of being energy independent appeal to you? Rather than just going along with rate increases from the local electric company, year after year, you have the great option to be independent, making your own energy thanks to solar panels.

Solar energy requires minimal maintenance and has been found to increase the value and marketability of homes. Studies have shown that solar equipped homes sell more quickly and for more money than homes lacking solar panels. Solar panels are “en vogue” these days.

Finally, why not switch to solar energy in order to show the world– or at least your friends and family and neighbors– that you care about clean, sustainable power that doesn’t pollute and can’t run out? The sun’s going to shine, so you might as well harness the sun’s rays in order to power your house and the stuff inside, like computers, the oven, fridge, TVs, hairdryers, washing machine, alarm clocks and lamps.

Coal power is dirty and passé. Solar power is clean and very much the 2017 thing to do!

Call GR Solar Solutions to discuss making the switch to solar– the number is 915-581-0461.

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