A Breakthrough in Clean Energy

Solar powered energy is the wave of the future, thanks in large part because it is healthy for the environment. Recently, there has been a breakthrough regarding solar energy in Switzerland.

On Wednesday, Swiss scientists announced a new clean energy breakthrough. They developed a cheaper solar technology that can split water molecules to create a clean burning hydrogen fuel.

The design of this solar panel will be a cheaper way to produce hydrogen. However, a simple version of this will not be available to the general public for another ten years.

However this type of energy would mean that cars would have clean power. The suns energy would be easily stored from the hydrogen that is produced. Once this became available, it would be much better for the environment.

Previously one of the biggest issues that solar hydrogen technologies was that they were too expensive to commercialize and make available to everyone. By using technologies that are less expensive to produce, more people will be able to access them and reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

This model would look like the previous solar panels mounted on rooftops. The main difference would be that there would be a thin layer on the outside with water inside. Tungsten diselenide, also inside the device, acts as a photo-catalyst and utilizes the suns energy in order to split water into oxygen and hydrogen.

Interesting stuff.

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