Small, Portable and Flexible Solar Panels Could Be In Your Future

Have You Ever Held a solar panel? If you have, you would know that carrying a solar panel around with you for a day would be a fool’s errand. However, thanks to new technology, the ability to carry a several solar panels around with you could quickly become a reality.

Interestingly, the days of five foot long, glass-enclosed solar panels mounted on top of van roofs and homes and other places might be numbered… Did you know that miniaturization efforts are underway to the point where the solar panels of the future will be smaller and– get this– flexible? That’s right– there’s the potential to fold up tiny solar panels that still work well. Using high-efficiency silicon, developers are able to put the technology into smaller, more flexible forms than previously imagined. For instance, “solar panels” have the potential to be incorporated into wearable clothing! Think of the possibilities– your clothing, worn outside in the sun, may one day charge your smartphone device wirelessly.

Traditional solar panels are crystalline. You can’t bend them or else they’ll break. Future solar panels, however, are likely to be bendable, making them much more convenient for a variety of uses.

In the coming years, it’s entirely possible that people will be using “new form” solar power in order to charge and use their devices. Indeed, this improved technology could literally reshape the way people live, work, play and function in daily life. The future for solar power shows much promise.

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Could Solar Power Replace All Other Forms of Power in the Future?

For a long time, it seemed like coal-burning power plants kept Americans homes and businesses full of electricity. Indeed, much of the world used and still uses fossil fuels to make things work. However, other ways to get power came along, including nuclear and solar options.

A question recently appeared on the website Quora asking, “Could the world feasibly switch to all-nuclear power generation?” An expert on nuclear materials and the nuclear fuel cycle went into great detail to answer this question and basically said, “No.” Instead, he offered the assertion that solar energy could, stating that utilizing 1.2% of the Sahara desert is sufficient to cover all of the energy needs of the world in solar energy. How about that?

If the world needs 17.3 Terawatts of continuous power annually, an area of 335 kilometers by 335 kilometers covered in solar panels (such as 1.2% of the Sahara desert) could make that a reality. It would cost about five trillion dollars to make it so, but as you can imagine there are many entities, including governments and corporations, who don’t want to do this because it would mess with their profits.

That said, it is conceivable that solar power could replace all other forms of power in the coming years. We shall see.

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Even Oil Workers Know: Solar Power is the Future

For as long as it has been around, fossil fuels have been the world’s most constant source of energy. That is however, until the recent emergence of solar power. This form of energy has slowly gained steam and is threatening to topple fossil fuels as top dog. It has created such a convincing case that even oil workers have started to take notice, and for good reason too!

The Proof is in the (Solar) Power

In a recent article on, a oil worker stated he believed that solar power is becoming so predominant for three different reasons. One of them being that the technology for it is getting better and cheaper as time goes on. This is important because any technology that is too expensive struggles to be relevant because it won’t be very accessible to the masses. Another reason he sees it on the rise is because support for it has been very steady and showed no signs of wavering. Also, many sun rich countries around world are starting to invest more in to it to make it a substantial form of power them and their people. In addition numerous agencies have claimed this energy source is only going to continue to grow, showing no signs of slowing down.

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