The Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

pool flatOne of the nicest things to own and use is a pool with warm water. If the water’s too cold, it’s just not that nice. What about using solar pool heating to keep the water nice and warm?

The nice thing about solar pool heating is that it helps stretch the length of your swimming season, keeping your pool warmer for a longer period of time than if you didn’t have it. As an environmentally-friendly way to heat pool water, solar energy from the sun helps keep your pool comfortable without requiring costly electricity or a refrigerant system with a noisy motor and compressor which eventually wears out or breaks down.

Most solar pool heating systems are fully automated whereas you set the desired temperature and barely ever think about it again for the rest of the swimming season. It’s one of those systems that eventually pays for itself, and then the rest is essentially “free heat” for years to come. Many people like utilizing solar pool heating because it’s not only good for the environment but ultimately saves them money in the long run.

So how does a solar heater work? A solar collector has small passages through which water flows and is warmed by the sun. The collector is able to monitor the pool water temperature so that when the set temperature is reached, water then bypasses the solar collector because the pool water is as warm as the owner wants it to be. Since energy from the sun is free, it’s quite cost-efficient!

Solar Solutions of Texas has installed many solar pool heating systems over the years. Utilizing Heliocol solar panels, Solar Solutions is able to help heat swimming pools in a wide variety of climatic conditions– from the arid desert to cold mountain areas. Since 2006, Solar Solutions has installed more than 400 residential systems throughout Texas, New Mexico, and surrounding states.

If you want to keep your pool warm using energy from the sun, call Solar Solutions today at 915-581-0461.

Top Reasons to Consider Going Solar

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular with homeowners these days. As the threat of global warming gets more real, many homeowners are making the investment in solar energy systems and reaping the benefits that those systems provide. The reasons for this are quite simple:

Decreased Electric Bills
Solar energy is sustainable and renewable, which is great news considering that you will likely see a huge reduction in your electric bill. Lower electric bills mean more money for your savings account, for your retirement, for a vacation, for your child’s college fund, to repaint your home – whatever you’d like.

Environmentally Responsible
We humans are the stewards of this planet and as such, we are responsible for protecting it. Science has proven that global warming is very real, and more and more people are going “green” to try to help the Earth. It doesn’t hurt to be able to say that you are among those trying to save our planet.

A Good Investment
Adding a solar energy system to your home is wonderful for your home’s equity and resale value. It adds to your investment portfolio as well, which means you are also investing in your future. That just makes good sense.

You Are Among the Energy Independent
By not using oil and gas to power your home, you are helping our government decrease its dependency on foreign oil, and become independent. The more independent we are as a nation, the more money we can invest in ourselves, and taxes will be lower.

Going solar is an investment in your family’s future, as well as in the planet that is our responsibility. It protects ecosystems, which in turn protects our wildlife, and our water supplies. It is the best way to show that you care about what happens here, as well as being very advantageous for your own pocket book. Solar energy systems pay for themselves almost immediately, and add to your home’s equity. Going solar is no longer a fad. It is essential to the health of the Earth.

An ITC Extension Would Stimulate Major Growth in the U.S. Solar Market

If you’ve seen more and more solar panels atop people’s roofs, you’ve noticed that solar power has become trendy. And now the U.S. government is helping the solar energy industry continue to grow having just passed a $1.8 trillion spending bill that includes provisions to extend federal tax credits for both wind and solar power generation. In other words, the government is promoting solar panels to make electricity by making them more affordable to all.

The government is essentially investing in solar power to the tune of $40 billion between 2016 and 2020. Look for residential installations to see a 35% boost during this timeframe, while commercial solar should increase by 51%. Hey, if the government is willing to shoulder some of the cost, why not take advantage of the generous offer and have solar panels installed on your roof?

By extending the federal 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC), the U.S. government is offering quite the incentive for people and businesses to convert to some or all solar energy to power their homes and offices. Solar will be beating new natural gas generation on price, meaning you’ll most likely be seeing even more buildings with solar panels on them in the next couple years.

Having the government invest in the renewable energy business by extending tax credits is crucial to securing financing for big solar installations. Industrial clients are ready to take on new projects now that they know Congress has given them their vote of confidence. Old coal plants are out; new solar parks are in. The United States is becoming a more environmentally-friendly, “green” place to live, work and play as solar energy gets a much needed boost.

In Texas and New Mexico, where the sun shines often, Solar Solutions Inc. can meet all of your residential or commercial solar needs. Email for more information.