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The Coronavirus Shifts The Demand For Solar And Batteries

The Shift To “Self-Reliance”

I’ve found out that people are moved by motivation despite any difficult situation they are in. Therefore, having the right experience and understanding of a commodity doesn’t mean that others have the same experience as you do. In this coronavirus pandemic, people are wanting to be prepared in case of a total electric grid crash. We at Solar Solutions take this pandemic very seriously and are here to help in any way we can. Let us help you be prepared!

Hence, in this season of global coronavirus outbreak, the shift of the solar industry has shifted from supply to demand.

“The foreign exchange will be one of the major impacts of prices on solar panels.” Panels, inverters, and other expenses of the components will be affected, and the base price will most likely increase. It will change the bottom-line. “And that is because of the effects of the novel pandemic coronavirus. The solar industries have therefore moved from supply to demand as China’s manufacturers resume business-almost-as-usual, but the local economy is bracing for a big blow.

Everyone wants to either purchase or sell solar commodities, and everyone is looking to either make or save money. Consumers could not ask for a better time to invest in solar panels for their home or office in these uncertain times.

Industry leaders conducted a webinar on the effect of COVID-19 on society in general, and in particular on rooftop solar and battery storage industry this past Thursday morning in a Smart Energy Council. Solar remains one of the “lucky” sectors in the current crisis, being so closely linked to an important utility, and one of the few projects that can confidently claim to deliver substantial cost savings to households and businesses in ever more unpredictable times.

In this webinar, there were many dignitaries present, giving their consent concerning solar for households. They addressed and stressed the fact that battery storage might be a good time to start gaining ground in the residential market, as solar households are looking for ways to make the most of their rooftop electricity, what with everyone working and schooling from home.

Sam Craft, NRG Solar’s operations manager, who is also on the SEC’s board, gave his opinion that the emphasis must be on developing self-reliant family solutions. The storage of batteries plays a crucial role in providing sufficient power to your home. Retailers have registered fewer household inquiries regarding rooftop solar, but an increase in leads on battery storage and blackout security.

“We have (some) saying that their number of (rooftop solar) leads are down, but that the value of those leads is up,” thanks to the addition of battery storage, Craft said.

Such battery storage stabilizes the rooftop solar value in such a way that all you need is to either charge the solar battery or get a new battery while the solar on the rooftop is still working correctly.

Lliam Ricketts

Lliam Ricketts, owner of the Brisbane solar distributor Supply Partners, having studied the recent global happening and the decline in rooftop solar demand, retailers and installers should be calling for a rise in system costs, off the back of the US and Australian dollar drop. However, due to the increase in the tax break on capital purchases by the federal government, commercial solar, and particularly the 100kW-plus segment, may serve as a potential rooftop solar development.

All the retailers need to do is have a genuine dialogue with their clients, enlightening them about the generous support from the federal government. This is a huge benefit to consumers as this year in 2020, the federal government is offering up to a 26% Federal Tax Credit for those who purchase and install solar panels on their property.

John Grimes

John Grimes, the SEC CEO, believes that many solar businesses can survive even under severe economic recession, just as the solar rooftop industry does because some people still make a lot of money from solar sales on the rooftop in every economic recession. Having said that, many consumers will also benefit from the installation of solar panels and battery backup systems as the Federal Government will allow a 26% tax credit to them. Also, the lower in electricity bills is beneficial to the consumer as this allows a significant amount of savings on a yearly basis.

Therefore, even when overseas markets shift nearly minute by minute, the key message was that now is not the time to become complacent – not on OH&S and not on smart business strategy.

Grimes clarified how this Coronavirus has spread rapidly since its initial outbreak in Wuhan, China. Installer companies should, therefore, take the threat of contagion seriously, they must ensure sufficient “social distancing” strategies in place to protect their employees from its contamination while providing services.

Treat elderly customers carefully and let them know that you have clear policies and processes to provide facilities without getting anywhere near them. This is why Solar Solutions is offering all meetings via phone and video conference! Our main goal is to help our consumers not only save money but to keep them safe by practicing Social Distancing.

Many inquiries regarding solar panel and battery backup systems, are still on the uprise as many are looking at “self-reliance”, meaning that people are looking at ways to protect themselves from the worse.

Geoff Bragg

Solar’s managing director and an occasional contributor to One Step Off The Grid, Geoff Bragg, said he had varying industry reports. Compared to other sectors of the economy, solar is well placed although there are people who are still very nervous. We at Solar Solutions are dedicated to making sure that we handle these times with care and professionalism.

There’s no chance that residential demand will go down. So he indicated that solar business workers would think about providing a financing plan for fast product sales so that people can seek self-reliance thinking ahead. Since the company saves people from spending on diesel in an elegant way, they can start marketing. Remember also to uphold the credibility of the company when addressing a crisis.

If you are ready to take advantage of these trying times and want to hear how we can help you, please get in touch with us and one of our professionals will be happy to assist you. Please continue to practice social distancing and be safe.

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