The Cost of Solar Panels Continue to Fall

With the presidential campaign heating up (although it’s still a ways away!), there’s been a lot of talk about the middle class, working people, and income. Many are saying that the country is split into two, between the haves and the have-nots. The statistics, unfortunately, backs this up to an extent; income for working people has stagnated since the 80s or, in the worst case scenario, declined rapidly altogether. It’s certainly a disheartening state of affairs, but not all is lost; solar energy is poised to even out the playing field a little bit. It seems like the sun will once again become the working person’s best friend.

According to the Billings Gazette, “Because the cost of solar panels has fallen dramatically in recent years, they are reaching parity with utility rates in Montana and are below it in many areas of the country. Costs are expected to continue to fall. This could help working people a lot – if the barriers to fair access to the grid for net metering and community solar projects were removed.

”This is especially the case when it comes to net metering, which means that although there are solar panels on your roof, you are still connected to the grid. This helps manage your meter and decreases the money you spend. When you purchase a solar system, you are revolutionizing your entire income for the better; there will be no frivolous utility costs. In the long run, a solar system will improve your life for the better and for the working class, this is a much-needed boost to fiscal happiness. It’s funny to think that the sun is the most democratic object in our lives; it’s for everyone, giving men and women equal opportunity. The sun is as American as it can get and now with solar power, ALL Americans can utilize its energy and at GR Solar Solutions Inc., we think that’s a beautiful thing.

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