Using Solar For North Africa Off Grid Hatchery

There are only 8 pairs of NADO (North African Desert Ostrich) left in the world at the moment. The attempt made by Wildlife Conservation Network and Sahara Conservation Fund to revamp the NADO has birthed three plans which are: captive breeding, protection and to prevent extinction, the reintroduction of the NADO. This is almost impossible to achieve in the Sahara Desert. Team Niger and their partners have teamed up to build a one of a kind solar field station. The solar field station is made up of 4 modified containers which were delivered mid-April 2018.

The following are the specifications:

  • It comes with 32 kW of solar energy
  • It comes with 144 kWh of usable battery storage for hatchers, freezer, BACnet, incubator, refrigerator, water pumping, VSAT communications system, water heater, and lighting.

The field station comes with two high-end video cams, and it can be remotely controlled. Due to high temperatures, the containers are air-conditioning fitted. Most components are custom-made which were built in CA, and disassembled to assemble again when they arrive in Niger which is the final destination.

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