Why Installing Solar Panels Can Be Beneficial

Photovoltaic solar panels are used to convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity generated is not only free of cost, but it’s also clean because it doesn’t produce any of the greenhouse gas emissions that traditional fossil-fuel sources produce.

There are many benefits to be gained by switching to solar energy to power up your home or business. For starters, renewable energy like solar power is a lot cleaner for the environment and the costs have quickly caught up with its non-renewable counterpart: fossil fuels.

Here are just some of the many benefits that solar energy can provide:

  1. Solar energy reduces carbon emissions and protects the environment:
    Solar energy is clean and renewable which means that there are no carbon footprints that are left behind to potentially cause damage to the environment.
  2. Solar energy promotes energy independence:
    It’s a well-known fact that many nations rely on other nations for their oil and fuel sources. Oftentimes, these resources can become bargaining chips which leaves nations having to accept deals that would otherwise be deemed as less than ideal.

While these benefits certainly sound beneficial to you as an individual and the community at large, there are certain benefits that homeowners and business owners benefit in a direct manner.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why installing solar panels can be really beneficial to homes and businesses.

Benefits of installing Solar Panels for your home

  • Helps increase the value of your home:
    A home with photovoltaic solar panels already installed is an incredibly appealing feature that can potentially boost your property value by up to $20,000. Not only does this allow the residents to enjoy the impacts of lower monthly energy bills, but it also allows them to use those savings elsewhere.
  • Federal and state incentives provide additional savings:
    In order to promote the adoption of solar energy systems in residences, utilities and other organizations offer solar tax breaks and monetary incentives for homeowners. Therefore, homes that have solar panels installed are entitled to rebates on the cost of the actual system, which currently for 2020 is 26%.

Benefits of installing Solar Panels for your business

  • You’re now a green business:
    By showing people that your business relies on solar energy instead of dirty fossil-fuel electricity, you are showing that your company is environmentally conscious. People tend to respond to that very well so, in effect, going solar gives you a little marketing boost.In addition to lowering your overall operating costs, switching to solar energy can certainly provide a positive public relations tool that can attract new potential customers and increase sales.
  • Helps mitigate the risk of changing utility rates:
    Starting a business in this competitive business environment takes a lot of preparation, determination, and money just to keep the lights on. These days, cost reductions are the main priority for business owners, let alone chasing profits.However, life is full of unexpected events that can potentially have a damaging impact on your bottom line. When your business makes the switch to solar energy, you are no longer vulnerable to the sudden price increases in electricity rates that traditional electric power companies are known for.

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