Why Solar Panels Help the Environment

Solar panels are all the rage today, primarily because they largely contribute to sustainable living.

Moreover, solar panels cost less now than they did years ago.

US residents also get credits and incentives for choosing solar panels. Buying them for purposes of aesthetics is one thing; purchasing them to help the environment is another. Be the smart consumer and know how “green” you can get with solar panels.

Goodbye, Pollution!

Honestly, solar panels aren’t a cure-all for harmful carbon emissions, but they can certainly play a huge part in reducing them. Traditional electricity consumption in the US produces huge amounts of greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, coal power plants emit smog that also pollute the environment. Using solar panels not only improves the quality of air, but it also mitigates the damage done by pollution.

And because solar energy does not pollute water unlike coal-fired power plants, solar panels indirectly save rivers, oceans and wildlife.

A Reduced Carbon Footprint

Both nuclear power plants and coal power plants require huge amounts of water to run, causing significant strain on the environment.Fortunately, solar panels don’t use a lot of resources, with the sun’s energy being renewable. The sun produces more than 170,000 terawatts of energy each second, more than enough to power your entire household. Moreover, such energy can be reused over and over without wasting natural resources.

96 percent of the material used to manufacture solar panels is recyclable, although materials do need to be mined, including gallium, silver, germanium, indium, aluminum, and glass. Since solar panels can produce energy for 30 years and are useful even after they are recycled into a different form.

Solar energy also makes for a “clean” power plant. The photo voltaic system (i.e. the cells can be reused to produce new solar cells) that makes solar panels work, can help produce and sustain solar energy for 18 to 36 months, which is a cost-effective way to generate electricity. Importing solar energy is the starting point to becoming efficient and independent. There will be fewer outages and cheaper utility bills.

Reduced Radioactive Waste

Although nuclear power is defined as “clean energy” due to not producing carbon, it is still a source of hazardous waste. Nuclear waste is toxic for the environment and harmful to humans and animals. It also reduces the need to build more power plants that use up fossil fuel.

Absolute No Mercury Emissions and Acid Rain

Coal-fired power plants are one of the main sources of mercury. A heavily toxic substance, mercury can pose health risks and damage to the surroundings. By using solar panels, there will be a reduced need for coal power plants, thereby decreasing mercury emissions.

Meanwhile, the burning of fossil fuels can result in sulfuric acid which can harm natural resources. Solar panels can also reduce – and stop – the possibility and occurrence of acid rain.


With solar panels you can enjoy both sustainable, clean energy and a beautiful environment. You are not only making a valuable investment, but also doing a favor for the Earth, environment and future generations.

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