Why You Should Heat Your Pool With Solar Power

The arrival of spring marks the start to the warmer months, and many people are just starting to get their pools ready for the coming hot weather. Though it may be a bit cool to take a dip for now, adding a solar-powered heating system can not only add weeks of enjoyment to your swimming season, but also save you dollars.

Solar powered pool heating systems have been around for many years now, and have grown in popularity in recent years as an efficient and self-sustaining method for keeping pools from being too cool. These systems draw pool water in via the pump already used in the pool and force it through valves into the bottom of a closed system that is exposed to solar collectors. As the water heats from absorbing the radiant energy of sunlight, it rises to the top where it is returned to the pool in a continual process until the pool reaches the desired temperature.

Conventional systems, by contrast, heat water using a separate heating tank, similar to the water heater in your home. Just like that system, conventional pool heaters require an energy source, such as natural gas or electricity, and can quickly become an expensive endeavor. In areas like ours, with abundant sunlight, a solar system can provide the same heating capability using no energy at all, efficiently and greenly raising your water temperature without boiling over into your energy bills.

The U.S. Department of Energy notes that solar water heaters are the most cost-effective use of solar energy for most climates, and besides being cost competitive with conventional systems, can effectively pay for themselves in fuel savings in as little as a year and a half. Solar pool heating systems are generally very low maintenance as well, and, according to the Florida Solar Energy Center, can easily last for 10 to 15 years with regular care, providing many extra months of comfortable water for extra time in your pool.

Solar heating systems are generally noninvasive installations, and can be installed as a rooftop or freestanding unit. With so many advantages, from energy savings to extending your swimming season, there’s no better way to get the most out of your pool than adding a solar pool heating system.

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