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With a legacy spanning 17 years, Solar Solutions stands as a pioneering force in the renewable energy industry since its establishment in 2007. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our comprehensive range of professional solar services, including Solar Installation, Solar Sales, and Solar Electric Systems. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing reliable Backup Generators and cutting-edge Pool Heating Systems. At Solar Solutions, we bring together expertise and innovation to deliver top-notch solutions tailored to meet our clients’ energy needs. Our seasoned team of professionals ensures seamless execution and customer satisfaction, making us a trusted name in the solar industry. Choose Solar Solutions for a greener and more energy-efficient future. Here is the reason why we stand out from the competition:


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In 2006, Gad Ronat, the visionary founder of Solar Solutions, introduced Texas to the solar industry, transplanting expertise from the Holy Land of Israel, where solar panels have been mandatory for over four decades. A distinguished IDF veteran, Gad holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson in New Jersey and an MBA from Hofstra University in New York. Now, seventeen years later, Solar Solutions stands as one of the most seasoned companies in residential and commercial solar applications, boasting a stellar track record evidenced by a 5-star reputation. Recognized as a Super Service company by Angie’s List since 2016, maintaining an A+ rating with the BBB since 2009, and consistently garnering positive customer reviews across platforms, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

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We will always offer our customers the most updated solar panels, and inverters.
Currently, we are offering American, German and Korean solar brands, along with Enphase Microinverter and SolarEdge optimizer technologies.

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Empowering Homes, Powering Dreams with Solar

Dive into a comprehensive understanding of Solar Solutions, your premier destination for cutting-edge solar services. With a commitment to excellence, we specialize in a range of professional solar solutions, including Solar Installation, Solar Sales, and state-of-the-art Solar Electric Systems. At Solar Solutions, we extend our expertise beyond solar energy, offering Backup Generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply and advanced Pool Heating Systems for year-round comfort. Our dedicated team of experts combines technical proficiency with a client-centric approach to deliver tailored solutions that align with your unique requirements. As industry leaders, we prioritize sustainability, efficiency, and innovation, aiming to empower you with environmentally conscious and cost-effective energy solutions. Explore the future of energy with Solar Solutions, where expertise meets reliability for a brighter, sustainable tomorrow.


Your Solar Advantage, Our Commitment to Excellence.

Distinguished by our unwavering commitment to excellence, Solar Solutions stands out in the renewable energy sector through our comprehensive suite of professional services. Our expertise spans Solar Installation, Sales, and Electric Systems, complemented by Backup Generators and Pool Heating Systems. We redefine sustainable living, delivering cutting-edge solutions with precision and reliability. We are the best in the industry because:

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    Dedicated to pioneering sustainable energy solutions, Solar Solutions is committed to advancing the adoption of solar power through expert services encompassing Solar Installation, Sales, and Solar Electric Systems. Our mission extends beyond solar, encompassing Backup Generators and Pool Heating Systems to provide comprehensive energy solutions. With unwavering dedication, we strive to empower communities with reliable, environmentally conscious energy alternatives, promoting a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.


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