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4 Reasons to Install Solar Panels & Why You Should Go Solar

Go SolarTraditional power is often the result of coal or oil, which both are polluting the environment in exchange for putting electricity in your home or business while giving you monthly bills, unlike solar energy, which is clean and environment friendly. The great thing about solar energy is it can fit your budget and your lifestyle. Whether you are a homeowner, a do-it-yourself enthusiast, or a business owner, solar energy can truly be the answer to replace your traditional power bill.

Here’s why you should go solar:

1. Contribute to A Cleaner Environment:

The main reason to install solar panels is to reduce the use of harmful traditional power sources in exchange for a cleaner environment. Electricity from coal, oil, and other traditional sources often releases greenhouse gasses that pollutes our environment putting us at an increased risk of global warming. Yes, they give us light. But at what cost?

Degraded health, alarming smog, depleting the ozone layer, increasing carbon footprint, abnormal weather, and floods due to global warming are just a few examples of the consequences of your action of using traditional power sources. By choosing to go solar, you are giving something back to this beautiful planet we live on, and you are helping us all to have a brighter future

2. Economize on Electricity Bills:

With average Americans spending 110$ on their monthly electric bill, due to the volatility of traditional power, you can shave off some of that cost by switching to solar. With modern technology, renewable energy from the sun can power any home with minimal cost. Solar panels today are capable of generating electricity cheaper than traditional power sources. Think about it. You won’t have to spend that extra money on the electric bill in the future you saved upon.

Further, with Government assistance like (30% investment tax credit) and other state incentives, it can bring down the cost even more effectively, making the process of switching to solar energy easier and less costly.

3. Enjoy Energy Security:

Polluting the environment with traditional power is not the only reason you should switch to solar panels. You could be running out of energy at any time because of an unstable traditional power grid. With solar panels on your roof or on the ground, you can feel free to never worry that your lights would go out again any time soon. With a solar panel system, you can enjoy reliable energy service with a virtually unlimited energy supply. That’s the best form of energy security you can have.

4. Durable & Reliable:

Unlike traditional power, solar panels are durable, and they don’t have to be replaced often, as long as you get a good quality unit. With the presence of Government programs and incentives, you can get a solar system at a very inexpensive cost and be able to get a good warranty and reliable service for many years to come. That’s far better than paying a monthly bill to your local electric co-op company. Further, solar panels are known to last up to 25 years or more with little to no maintenance required.


The above are just some of the following benefits that you can expect by choosing to go solar. With this exciting industry growth as more and more people choose to switch to solar, it gives you an excellent opportunity to make a profit in a new lucrative business. You have the flexibility to choose the size and match it with your energy demand and budget. Best of all, it does not require a large initial investment, and it can be harnessed to power your home and even your business. So, are you going to switch to solar?

Fuel Production by Sunlight – Will this be the New Way of the World?

Solar panel on a red roof

Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

A lab in Berkeley, California has released information about a new solar power center that has the goal of producing fuel from sunlight. Chu Hall, named after the former Energy Department Secretary and Lab Director Steven Chu, this 40,000 square-foot building have the goal of creating more efficient renewable energy to replace the use of fossil fuels. This solar energy research center costs almost $60 million to create and get going.

Chu’s Motivation:

Chu believes that this is one of the most prominent issues in today’s society. He believes that by solving this major problem, the world will be saved. Science is thought to be the problem solver in this situation. Chu truly wants to increase the amount we utilize solar energy as well as make it cost-efficient.

Solar Energy:

At this time, scientists are only able to use the solar energy while the sun is shining; but they are hoping to change this. Since it is a natural resource, solar energy can easily be used without almost any repercussions. It’s simple: solar energy is free, clean, reliable, and renewable.

On a slightly smaller scale, solar energy is starting to become a main source of energy in homes today. It has been proven to actually improve a house’s value because of its modern aspect it. Solar panels are typically durable because they have no mobile parts, so once it’s situated in its place, it’s all set!

Solar Solutions Solar Application Specialists offer expertise in solar energy and heating solutions. This company has served many large hotels in Las Vegas, the Atlanta Summer Olympics, the Athens Olympic Games, Fort Bliss Military Base, and more. Based on their success stories from not only these large-scale projects, but on their small-scale projects as well, Solar Solutions seems to have solar solutions for everyone!



Solar Power is Projected to Grow Six Fold In the Next 15 Years

growth solarIs electricity from solar panels catching on in America? You bet it is because it’s cleaner and cheaper and safer than other sources like coal plants and nuclear power plants.

When an earthquake caused a tsunami that messed with the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan back in 2011, that was a wake-up call to the world that nuclear energy is not ideal. Meanwhile, coal plants in America have been shutting down left and right since the EPA has new rules regulating air pollution. Coal is dirty, after all, and it’s better if people aren’t breathing particles in the air from nearby coal power plants.

Solar panel-produced electricity is on the rise, as production grows and becomes cheaper in the years to come. It’s estimated that solar power will expand six-fold by 2030 (according to the International Renewable Energy Agency) as production costs fall as much as 59 percent by 2025. In other words, solar power will start to dominate globally.

In 2015, solar accounted for about 227 gigawatts of power worldwide, but within the next fifteen years, you can expect that number to steadily rise to 2,500 gigawatts, providing electricity for about 13% of the planet.

The USA and developed countries in Europe are leading the way for solar power to expand as they place an emphasis on replacing nuclear and coal plants with solar options. Meanwhile, emerging markets for solar power growth will include Russia, Brazil, and Mexico.

As innovation continues in the solar power market, expect increases in power storage to be made. Just like computers took a generation or two to become ubiquitous, solar power is going to be the new norm in the coming years.

If you’re ready for solar power now, Solar Solutions can design and install solar panels to meet your energy needs. Covering New Mexico and Texas, where sunshine is abundant, Solar Solutions has been working with solar energy for decades and has the experts to enable your residential or commercial buildings to save money by switching to solar power.

How Can We Make Solar Cells More Energy Efficient?

Kennedy Law Solar Project Phase 2Fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas. They were all formed long, long ago– hence the name fossil fuels. Eventually, they could all “run out” since they all have a finite supply. If the world needs to keep running on energy, and fossil fuels are no longer available to power our cities, then what? Obviously, the sun isn’t going to stop shining anytime soon. Therefore, solar power is the kind of thing society needs to utilize more and more. Energy from the sun is clean and increasingly efficient.

Scientists have been hard at work trying to make solar cells more efficient. Recently, they’ve started testing new kinds of materials that would be more efficient than today’s silicon energy cells. The new materials are known as HOIPs, which stands for Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites. Solar cells built with HOIPs can harvest energy from the sun even when their crystals have defects. That’s why they’re emerging as the new forerunner for the development of future solar energy cells.

Currently, most solar cells use thin layers of silicon to harness the sun’s energy. In order to work properly, these cells must have a purity of 99.999 percent. Any defect in their crystalline structure messes with their ability to function as intended. HOIPs can work well even with crystal defects. They’re also cheaper to produce and can be produced on a large scale. This bodes well for the solar power industry.

Ultimately, HOIPs have the potential to double the efficiency of solar cells.

Now’s as good a time as any to switch to solar energy for your residential or commercial energy needs. Solar power is already becoming a viable alternative to fossil fuels, and it’s only going to get more efficient in the years to come. As a renewable energy, solar is environmentally friendly and affordable. Contact Solar Solutions at 915-581-0461 to discuss solar energy panels: how they work, how they’ll benefit you, and how you can get them installed at your place.

Source used: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/09/160928151119.htm


5 Reasons to Use Solar Energy

Global electricity consumption has increased dramatically over the last century and is expected to continue to rise by ~79% by 2050. All of this electricity consumption adds to the carbon footprint, which ultimately influences climate change and many other environmental issues that persist today, such as ocean acidification.

However, with the growing awareness about climate change and the issues, it is creating, many individuals, businesses, and even Governments are looking towards alternative energy sources as a way to curb fossil fuel consumption and ultimately reduce the carbon footprint. Though not perfect, solar energy is one of the most promising ways to achieve this for business and residential consumers.

Here are 5 reasons why solar energy is great for your business:

1. No pollution:

Solar energy does not produce any pollution during its production process, thereby preventing the environmental damage that electricity generation and consumption causes. One of the key benefits of solar energy generation is that it leaves no carbon footprint. No greenhouse gases are produced or emitted during the process.

2. Renewable:

With almighty sun, solar energy is simply limitless and permanent, as it is a renewable energy source. Solar energy is harvested by photovoltaic or solar cells that convert sunlight directly to electricity. These cells are placed inside sunlight fielding structures that direct the sunlight to the cells and drive a current through it. Generated current from the solar cells is then connected to an inverter, which transforms DC power to AC power for distribution or storage. This is exactly how a solar system works and what makes it so powerful and versatile.

3. Freedom and Control Over Electricity:

We, as consumers, are constrained by the electricity generated by the utility companies that deliver our daily electricity needs. Imagine if you had the freedom to generate your own electricity? Batteries and solar photovoltaics offer you this freedom. Adding more solar panels to a system can increase the amount of electricity generated, while smart batteries and other management systems also enable you to store extra electricity for later use or even sell generated electricity back to the utility companies.

4. Energy Security:

Another great reason to use solar energy is that it is not linked by cable infrastructure that is vulnerable to outages, damages, and theft. Solar energy will not be affected by power cuts and blackouts and will generate electricity at all times of the day, as long as it is sunny.

5. Financial Benefits:

As a homeowner, business, or as an investor, installing a solar system is a financially rewarding decision. Whether you are looking to avoid paying high utility bills or looking to generate income from a solar system, the financial benefits of solar are undeniable. Electricity generated from a solar system is actually free after the cost of the initial installation since you can sell the excess electricity to the utility companies often at a reasonably good price. This adds a source of income to your household, office, and can even drive a profitable venture if you have a large property to cover.


Solar energy is an exciting and quickly growing renewable energy source, with great potential for use in many sectors. The key benefits are obvious, and in many ways, outweigh the disadvantages of using solar energy for non-critical power generation. Hopefully, as technology evolves, the cost of solar panels will also decrease and make it a more attractive choice to rely on solar energy for a greater percentage of our electricity consumption.

Solar Power Is Gaining Traction Around the Globe

Solar energy has been a growing market within the U.S. for some time now. In fact, according to SEIA’s U.S. Solar Market Insight for Q1 2015 (released in June), residential installations grew 76% compared to Q1 2014. Additionally, non-residential and utility solar PV installations continue to grow.  Recognizing the need for alternative energies, the United States is well on its way to becoming more energy efficient and the trend is a growing global trend.

China, for example, is now considered to not only be the manufacturing hub for solar photo voltaic panels, but also the fastest growing market for energy over the next five years, according to a Nasdaq article.

As the world’s largest consumer of coal, China is also the world’s largest emitter of carbon. This concentrated effort to become more energy efficient and to consciously reduce of the amount of greenhouse gas emitted as a country is huge. And the amount of investment into renewable energies is also huge. China’s renewable energy market is valued at $89.5 billion, making it the largest in the world.

In their effort to reduce their carbon emissions, China will soon begin construction on — yep you guessed it — the world’s largest solar power plant. Spread across 10 square miles in the Gobi desert, the solar plant will have the capacity to power nearly one million households.

When the solar power plant is commissioned, it will help decreases coal consumption by about 4.26 million tons per year. It will also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions by 896,000 tons and 8,080 tons, respectively.

If you’d like to read the full article, you can do so here.

Why Green Energy is Good for the Economy

Remember a long time ago when smokestacks filled city skylines? The darker the skies, the more jobs there were in cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo. It took a lot of energy to run those factories, which made the very things that made America great– things like automobiles, steel and other goods that literally helped build America.

Today you’re not likely to see as many dirty smokestacks as alternative forms of energy have replaced the burning of fossil fuels in many cases.

Is green energy from renewable resources good for the economy? Surprisingly, yes! It turns out that solar energy, for instance, now employs more people than traditional coal, gas and oil combined. According to a report from the US Department of Energy, solar energy employed 374,000 people in the 2015-2016 year compared to fossil fuels employing some 187,000 people. As you’d imagine, coal has declined sharply, especially in the past ten years.

It seems like solar energy is not only more environmentally-friendly than previous ways to harness energy, but also economically sound… and thriving. More and more workers are constructing various projects that enable the sun’s rays to power our everyday lives in smart ways that include heating pool water, providing electricity to residential homes, and lighting signage along highways.

Over one hundred countries in the world have set renewable energy targets. They want to get away from reliance on fossil fuels and move to different energy sources, such as solar, in order to power their countries. For instance, the European Union set a goal of acquiring 20 percent of its energy needs from renewable sources by the year 2020.

What happens when countries decide to “go green?” New jobs are created. Efficiency is improved. Money is made. Consumers like it because they’re saving money on their utility bills.

Solar energy is an ethical and attractive investment; it’s good for the economy and good for the planet. If you’re in the Albququerque, NM area, make sure to read more about our solar panel services in the Albuquerque market.

Where’s The Tipping Point For Solar Energy?

With all the talk these days about renewable forms of energy, it’s easy to feel like we’re all just waiting around for something to happen. Many people are encouraged by the progress they hear about in the solar energy sector, but remain in the dark as to when it will be become widely and readily available. This confusion is understandable, but the answer is actually quite clear. As this recent Forbes article points out, more and more people will enjoy the benefits of clean, renewable solar energy when we have a grid infrastructure that will allow it to flourish

Of course, updating our energy grid is very expensive. But anyone who understands what’s going on in the world, anyone who worries about the future of his or her children and grandchildren, knows that it’s completely necessary and quite urgent. Besides, this type of project is exactly what our economy needs, something that will stimulate growth and provide job creation on an enormous scale.

Energy companies have already been investing in improvements for years, many of them to keep things running smoothly under stress, avoiding situations where congestion becomes a problem. In many cases, this is accomplished by enabling a grid to adapt to variances, which is exactly what is required for solar and wind to flourish. Because the collection of energy varies, our grid needs to be able to adapt.

Renewable forms of energy also require a grid that stores and transmits energy differently. In the case of solar, many people are finding the solution to be quite simple—just install the solar panels right on the roof! Localized solar panels allow for efficient delivery that can remove stress from the grid instead of adding to it. Contact us for solar Albuquerque assistance.

Even though we know that the benefits of renewable forms of energy like solar are great, we all need to be on board for them to reach a tipping point. States across the country have different attitudes and policies when it comes to energy, but things seem to be moving slowly in the right direction. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan calls for a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 30 percent within the next fifteen years.

A new, high-tech power grid will allow Americans to achieve the magnificent possibilities that clean energy like solar can help to provide. As with all powerful movements, however, individuals need to take the first step to loudly proclaim that solar energy is what they want, and more importantly, what they deserve. For residents in Texas or New Mexico, the first step can be taken by giving Solar Solutions a call today.

Could Airplanes One Day Run on Solar Power?

Solar power has continued to make serious strides in adoption and implementation, not only in residential and commercial building applications, but also through full-scale solar farms and even as alternative fuels in other markets. One such market is aviation, where a solar-powered aircraft is currently showing off what is possible with the latest solar technologies.

Currently, the Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered aircraft designed by a Swiss engineering team, is amid its round-the-world flight, piloted by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg. The solar plane set out on the first leg of the trip March 9, taking off from Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, and landed 13 hours later in Muscat, Oman. The flight plan will take them around the globe in 12 planned flights, showcasing the potential of solar flight.

The team did not set out to revolutionize air travel, as the current design has significant limitations on speed and payload that make it unviable as a replacement to current aircraft. However, the concepts and basic demonstrations seek to showcase the possibility of solar air travel, and inspire and mobilize public enthusiasm and advance solar power technologies even further.

A recent International Business Times article discusses some of the more revolutionary concepts included in the plane’s design, including improved solar cell technology that has nearly twice the efficiency as conventional solar panels. In addition, the plane is essentially capable of nonstop, continuous flight, thanks to innovative new battery storage methods that allow the Solar Impulse 2 to store energy in reserve for use when the sun is down. This is one of the current stalling points in terrestrial widespread solar energy adoption, and the efforts of pioneers like Piccard and Borschberg are helping to drive further advancement in the field. Please contact Solar Solutions for a free solar energy savings estimate.

While true widespread adoption of solar power in air travel may still be many years off, the Solar Impulse team and other innovators in the industry are clearing the way for solar to take off. Through their work, hopes are high that the technology with further improve and lead to expanded applications for solar energy here on solid ground.

Why Solar Panels Help the Environment

Solar panels are all the rage today, primarily because they largely contribute to sustainable living.

Moreover, solar panels cost less now than they did years ago.

US residents also get credits and incentives for choosing solar panels. Buying them for purposes of aesthetics is one thing; purchasing them to help the environment is another. Be the smart consumer and know how “green” you can get with solar panels.

Goodbye, Pollution!

Honestly, solar panels aren’t a cure-all for harmful carbon emissions, but they can certainly play a huge part in reducing them. Traditional electricity consumption in the US produces huge amounts of greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, coal power plants emit smog that also pollute the environment. Using solar panels not only improves the quality of air, but it also mitigates the damage done by pollution.

And because solar energy does not pollute water unlike coal-fired power plants, solar panels indirectly save rivers, oceans and wildlife.

A Reduced Carbon Footprint

Both nuclear power plants and coal power plants require huge amounts of water to run, causing significant strain on the environment.Fortunately, solar panels don’t use a lot of resources, with the sun’s energy being renewable. The sun produces more than 170,000 terawatts of energy each second, more than enough to power your entire household. Moreover, such energy can be reused over and over without wasting natural resources.

96 percent of the material used to manufacture solar panels is recyclable, although materials do need to be mined, including gallium, silver, germanium, indium, aluminum, and glass. Since solar panels can produce energy for 30 years and are useful even after they are recycled into a different form.

Solar energy also makes for a “clean” power plant. The photo voltaic system (i.e. the cells can be reused to produce new solar cells) that makes solar panels work, can help produce and sustain solar energy for 18 to 36 months, which is a cost-effective way to generate electricity. Importing solar energy is the starting point to becoming efficient and independent. There will be fewer outages and cheaper utility bills.

Reduced Radioactive Waste

Although nuclear power is defined as “clean energy” due to not producing carbon, it is still a source of hazardous waste. Nuclear waste is toxic for the environment and harmful to humans and animals. It also reduces the need to build more power plants that use up fossil fuel.

Absolute No Mercury Emissions and Acid Rain

Coal-fired power plants are one of the main sources of mercury. A heavily toxic substance, mercury can pose health risks and damage to the surroundings. By using solar panels, there will be a reduced need for coal power plants, thereby decreasing mercury emissions.

Meanwhile, the burning of fossil fuels can result in sulfuric acid which can harm natural resources. Solar panels can also reduce – and stop – the possibility and occurrence of acid rain.


With solar panels you can enjoy both sustainable, clean energy and a beautiful environment. You are not only making a valuable investment, but also doing a favor for the Earth, environment and future generations.