Reasons to Switch to Solar Energy

In recent years, the use of solar energy has skyrocketed as numerous homes bad business across the country have adopted the new technology for a variety of reasons. Despite this spike in usage, many still haven’t jumped in and started using solar energy. So, if you’re on the fence about whether to go solar or not, here are a few good reasons you should make the switch.

Good for Environment

Solar energy doesn’t contain nearly as many harmful emissions as other energy sources as all of its power comes from the sun. By converting over to it, you will be reducing your home or business carbon footprint on the environment and not emanate such harmful things such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide.

Great Home Investment

Installing a solar energy system might seem like a tall investment but once it is installed, you will make your money back in more ways than one. For starters, you won’t have to succumb to rising energy rates as you will be in control of your home’s electricity, so you will ultimately save yourself money in the present and future. Also, the systems are very durable and low maintenance whereas other energy systems are more apt to breaking and needing repairs which can be expensive.

Set a Good Example

By getting a solar system installed, you set a good example that hopefully your neighbors and other businesses will follow. Once you see the benefits of the system, you can spread them through word of mouth to others and encourage them to transfer over to solar energy. This will keep the conversion into solar energy going so that we can protect the environment for future members of our family tree.

So if you’re looking to convert your home over to solar energy, GR Solar Solutions has got you covered. We’ve been designing and installing solar electric systems in Texas and New Mexico for over 30 years and will create the system your home and business needs. For more information, call us today at 915-581-0461!

Could You Soon Make Photocopies With Solar Panels?

For years Xerox was a company synonymous with making photocopies of documents using paper. However, the times, they are a changin’, like Bob Dylan once sang, and today Xerox-affiliated researchers are looking to help expand their business with something else… copied solar panels.

Could there be a machine that copies solar panels? It is possible. Xerox’s idea is to develop a new digital printing process to make it cheaper to mass produce “solar photovoltaic systems,” aka solar panels. Just like a lot of things, these items could be smaller, cheaper, and more efficient than what’s currently on the market today. Think about how phones used to be bigger and bulkier, as well as computers. Now imagine the solar panels you see on rooftops– they’re generally pretty large, aren’t they? What if a company like Xerox could design and make smaller ones that do a great job for people?

How can Xerox-affiliated researchers make this technology a reality? They’re developing a new kind of printer which can deposit tiny semiconductor chips on a flat panel. So, instead of depositing ink, like most printers and copiers do, this new version would be able to assemble together electrical and optical components, thus making improved solar panels on a mass scale.

Strides have been made by engineers to shrink components needed that concentrate and focus sunlight down to the millimeter scale. In a few years, it’s possible that precision-made solar panels will be able to be made like the way we photocopy documents today.

Since this technology isn’t quite ready just yet, you have the option of utilizing today’s solar panels on top of your roof to harness the sun for power. Solar Solutions Inc. is one of the most experienced solar power companies in Texas and New Mexico. If you’d like solar electric and solar pool heating systems designed and installed for your place, call 915-581-0461.